Thank you for your trust in us in recommending your friends, family, or colleagues for their personal finance needs. We are honored by the fact that most of our new clients come to us from introductions from our existing clients like you. 

We understand that talking about money with other people can be difficult and that recommending financial solutions can be awkward. For that reason, we have made the process as easy and comfortable as possible for you while still allowing you to help your friends, family, and colleagues take the necessary steps toward smart financial decisions that may change their future.

How to make an introduction

When you are ready to recommend us, we are open to whatever method is most comfortable for you:

  • Setting up a joint coffee or lunch meeting

  • Having us contact your friend directly

  • Giving your friend our contact information

However, most of our clients prefer to send an email or text with a link to the Welcome, Invited Guests page of our website that gives them an overview of what we do and how to take the next steps. By doing it this way, we will offer them a no-obligation introductory meeting to discuss whatever is on their minds—a service offered to only friends and family of our clients.


By Invitation Only

My financial advisor offers a complimentary introductory meeting by invitation only. I thought you might want to take advantage to discuss some of the financial concerns we’ve chatted about. Here’s the invitation:

I wanted to let you know that my financial advisor offers a complimentary introductory meeting by invitation only. I thought you might want to take advantage of this invitation to share some of the financial concerns we’ve recently discussed. There’s no obligation beyond the meeting.

BGM Wealth Partners is a fee-only, fiduciary financial advisor. Basically, that means they’re legally obligated to put your best interests first in all their advice and all your accounts. They also only charge you for the services you receive—i.e., they don’t make commissions. I’ve found this reassuring because it means I can trust that their advice is really made for me.

I hope you’ll find the introductory meeting useful. Here’s the invitation:

 What happens if the person introduced is not a good fit for the firm or does not meet the minimum account size?

We offer the introductory meeting to be a resource for your friends, family, and colleagues. If, after our meeting, we mutually agree we are good fit, we will be happy to accept them as a client and help them further. If one or both of us decide we’re not a good fit, we will point them in the direction of a more appropriate resource. Either way, they will leave the meeting having more clarity around their most pressing financial concerns and a clear path for moving forward.


Let us know who you invite

This introductory meeting is offered on an invitation-only basis. Please share who you are recommending us to so that we know you offered them this invitation when they reach out. Don’t worry—we won’t contact them unless they contact us first.