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  • Christmas Inflation Warns Those in Retirement

    December 12, 2011
    Every year, PNC Bank comes out with an estimate of inflation by pricing the items from the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” This year, due to some large price increases from the Turtle Doves, Swans-a-Swimming and Partridge in a Pear Tree, the cost of Christmas is up 3.5% over ...
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  • It’s a Cost Basis Retirement

    December 5, 2011
    Just when you thought retirement was the time to relax and let the mind unwind a little, the tax code kicks in. Last week, I gave a tax planning seminar last week to our clients. The most-discussed slide was dealing with the new cost basis reporting that started this year ...
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  • What Bonanza Taught Me about Retirement

    November 28, 2011
    When I was a kid, Saturday night was the special night. First, we got to have a Coke with our meal―outside of Saturday nights, we did not drink soda. Second, we were allowed to stay up and watch “Bonanza,” which started at 10:30 p.m. I remember thinking how cool it ...
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  • Three Retirement Plan Drivers

    November 21, 2011
    The common question in our office lately has been about returns: What kind of returns should I assume in my retirement plan? As many clients find out, a 1 percent return difference, either positive or negative, has a huge impact on a plan that we are trying to project out ...
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  • Increase Retirement Savings in 2012

    November 14, 2011
    A few weeks ago I wrote about an increase in Social Security benefits for retirees in 2012. This increase in benefits is due to an increase in inflation. Inflation increases living costs for retirees, but can also drive the savings side of the retirement question. The IRS recently announced that ...
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  • Retirement Risks: Big Versus Small Decisions

    November 7, 2011
    When working with younger clients, I often get into a discussion of needs versus wants. Often, by the time someone is close to retirement, those lines blur and everything feels like a need. But no matter what your age, I have found that there is an easy way to consider ...
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  • Retirement Risks: Sequence of Returns

    October 31, 2011
    One of the key lessons to come from the market drop of 2008 and 2009 is that the timing of returns matters as much, or more so, than the average rate of return. By timing, I mean sequence―negative returns early in retirement matter more than negative returns later in retirement. ...
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