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  • Diversifying Business Wealth: Pensions for High-Income Small Business Owners

    October 15, 2012
    Last week, I attended a speech by Dr. Christopher Waller, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He pointed out that tax revenues over the last 40 years have averaged approximately 18% of GDP per year in the United States, but currently ...
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  • Diversifying Business Wealth: S-Corps, LLCs, Taxes and Marriage

    October 8, 2012
    Entrepreneurs are faced with a dilemma that many others are not. They need to be good at both building a company and building their personal wealth. These twin concerns often intersect at tax time, when business owners sit down with their accountant to discuss the distributions that should be taken ...
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  • Diversifying Business Wealth: Setting Up Benefits

    October 1, 2012
    I was talking with an accountant last week about some of the ideas that entrepreneurs seem to miss when they are running their business. Business owners often focus on using the business to pay for their car or cell phone, but many wait to pull out hard dollars until they ...
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  • The Individual Investor’s Plight: Trust Your Equipment

    September 25, 2012
    Last week, I had to chaperone my son’s sixth-grade class on a trip to an environmental learning center. One of the activities was climbing 30 feet in the air and navigating a ropes course amongst the treetops. Finishing with a zip line was exhilarating. But before we even went up, ...
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  • Fidelity’s Age-Based Savings Guidelines May Be Too Light

    September 17, 2012
    Last week, Fidelity released a report that said the average person should save at least eight times their ending income (assuming a retirement age of 67) in order to retire. To reach that goal, Fidelity suggests that you should have one year’s salary saved by age 35, three times your ...
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  • Entrepreneurs Need To Stay On Pace with Retirement Plan Trends

    September 10, 2012
    I often speak with entrepreneurs about how to take more money out of their business on an ongoing basis instead of waiting until the day they sell their company to fund their retirement. Some will set aside money for retirement, while others still think they need to reinvest every penny ...
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  • Delaying Social Security: Spending Down Assets

    September 4, 2012
    Those nearing retirement have a critical decision to make; should you take Social Security early at 62 or should you delay claiming benefits until you reach full retirement age (for many, age 66 or 67) or even until age 70? While this might seem like a question for each individual, ...
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