How Do I Calculate My Cash Flow Needs for Retirement?

It’s very important that you figure out your retirement cash flow before you retire. If you don’t, you could end up spending more than you can afford, and that can take years to recover from.

When figuring out your cash flow needs, start with your income. Write down all the income you’re going to receive, including pensions and Social Security.

Next, take a look at your expenses. Make sure you write down everything—your day-to-day expenses, extended vacations, health care costs, et cetera.

If there’s a gap between your income and expenses, you’ll need to make up for it using your investment portfolio.

If you get overwhelmed, try talking to a financial planner. They’ll take a look at your entire financial situation and give you recommendations that can really help you get a handle on your cash flow.

Jon Meyer, CFP®, is Chief Operating Officer and Investment Manager for BGM Wealth Partners. Outside of work, he is busy raising his four children and training for his next marathon.

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