As an attorney who bills by the hour, you know that time is invaluable. The more of it you devote to managing your money, the less of it you have for the rest of your busy life. But you also have financial concerns, from smoothing out income volatility to reducing your tax burden, that you want to take care of.

Our fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm works with attorneys like you to manage wealth so you don’t have to. You will receive comprehensive wealth management services designed to lift the burden of doing it yourself. By delegating the day-to-day of your finances to us, you can gain back your time and direct it toward the other areas of your life.

When you partner with us, we can help:

  • Build a financial plan to help you enjoy today while prudently planning for the future

  • Reduce risk and smooth out income volatility

  • Implement forward-thinking tax strategies

  • Create a retirement plan that takes into account whether you want to continue practicing law

  • Determine how much to provide for your children for education and other needs

  • Structure your exit from your firm to help maximize retirement income

  • Provide financial strategies to use in your estate plan to minimize taxes and maximize the impact of your legacy