What Does “Quality of Life” Mean to You?

At BGM Wealth Partners, we believe that quality of life means far more than just a return on investment and that money only adds to life when it helps you achieve your vision.

As independent, fee-only financial advisors, we handle the financial details so you can spend more of your time with your family and pursuing your passions. When you are living the life you want and sleeping better at night, we know we have done our job.


We Help People Live Better Lives

Our Bloomington, MN advisory firm builds comprehensive financial planning to help people worry less and enjoy life more. We work with clients in Bloomington and throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul who want customized financial planning and a personal relationship with a wealth partner who acts in clients’ best interests.

By working with us, you will work with a financial advisor—and an entire team—committed to a long-term relationship that helps you maintain and grow your wealth.


Tell Us About You

Our clients are diverse but tend to share certain traits. They value the personalized financial planning and investment management we provide to help them attain their goals and live the life they want. Some of the clients we have specific experience working with include:


Business Owners






Multigenerational Families




Building Wealth


Start Working with Us

Let us help build the life you desire.
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