Multi-generational Families: Passing on Wealth and Values to the Generations to Come

You have worked hard to build your wealth—not just for you and your spouse, but for the generations that follow. You see your success as an opportunity to provide a legacy of financial security, but how do you manage your fortune so that it enriches the lives of multiple generations?

We provide comprehensive wealth management that encompasses the needs of your immediate family members as well as the heirs to come. We collaborate with you to help protect your legacy against excessive taxes and help encourage heirs to use their inheritance wisely. We can help you:

  • Manage investments with children, grandchildren, and beyond in mind
  • Explore which vehicles to use to protect your wealth and efficiently pass on assets
  • Determine how much inheritance each of your heirs should receive, and in what form
  • Review your estate planning documents to ensure they meet the needs of you and your family
  • Decide on the trustees and other advisors who can best carry out your goals and wishes
  • Draw on strategies and other tools to reduce the tax impact on your heirs