How We Help

At BGM Wealth Partners, we look beyond just investments. Through our comprehensive advice, we strive to help people live better lives with less stress and more freedom.

We become an extension of your family, providing guidance beyond the financial decisions in your life. We act as your family's financial back office so you can spend more time on the things that matter to you—your family, your life’s work, your passions—and enjoy true, lasting wealth.

Our Clients

While we serve a diverse group of clients, we have specific expertise working with:

  • Business owners: Entrepreneurs and small-business owners who want to protect and diversify wealth outside of their business
  • Executives: Professionals looking to maximize their executive compensation and benefits today with the goal of achieving financial security and career freedom in the future
  • Retirees: Those nearing retirement or who have already retired who need to maximize their retirement income, including Social Security
  • Women in transition: Women facing a sudden life change such as a divorce, death of a spouse, sale of a business or inheritance who need financial advice
  • Multigenerational families: Wealthy families who want to transfer assets from one generation to the next in a way that is aligned with their values
  • Foundations: Nonprofit and charitable institutions that need to grow and protect their most beneficial resource: money.

Our Process

Establish Objectives

We'll guide you through a process that helps identify the goals that are the most important to you, whether personal or financial.

Monitor and Adjust

We meet with you throughout our relationship to assess any changes in your life and make necessary adjustments to your investment, tax and wealth management strategies.

Implement Strategies

We work closely with you to manage and coordinate your total financial life in a way that fits with your goals and values.

Analyze your Situation

We'll assess where you are today and uncover any possible roadblocks between you and your goals.

Provide Advice

We provide the advice you need to make informed decisions and establish required action items.

Our Approach

To us, wealth management is made up of two pieces: ongoing financial planning and investment management. When a client chooses us, they choose to address both of these areas, which are not mutually exclusive.


While some in our industry try to separate these two elements, we believe that we cannot fully benefit clients if we do not perform both critical functions. We look at the financial plan as the blueprint and our investment advice as the actual building of the home. If construction does not follow the blueprint, the client's time and resources are wasted.


We customize everything we do. Our clients hire us to fulfill their dreams and values. Therefore, we personalize our financial planning and investment advisory services because no two clients come to us with the same objectives. With this approach, clients will never pay for a service they do not need, and they can always approach us to assist with issues that are unique to their personal situations.

We Offer